Cruiser Charisma: A Future Living Seriously Off The Grid, Every Grid

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All images Credit Jonas Loh with permission

For his project at the Royal College of Art, Jonas Loh studied intentional self-sufficient communities from Earthaven Ecovillage to the Amish. But he also had an opposing inspiration: "an extrapolation of current scientific research which embraces technological alteration of nature."

The result is Cruiser Charisma, that will let one live not only off the electrical grid, but every other system supplying us with everything from food to information.

cruiser charisma trailer off grid photo

It is a wonderfully 3D printed vision,

A fantastical caravan, a nomadic module of illusionary freedom, which explores our belief in technological progress. This enabler questions our human desires for comfort and prosperity and illustrates the dream of total autarchy and the possibility of a different social, political and economical system.

cruiser charisma trailer off grid photo

We will all have our own 3D printer to produce whatever we need;

cruiser charisma trailer off grid photo

Regine at We Make Money Not Art likes it:

The outcome of the project is utopian, yet credible: a caravan which will run on advanced biofuels, whose inhabitants will be able to produce all kinds of goods and organic materials thanks to a 3D printing production unit, eat synthetic protein rich meat that will be grown through a new generation of plants, recycle their poo to produce energy and experiment with new ways of community living.

cruiser charisma trailer off grid photo

Even our communication will be off the grid. Regine explains:

Interestingly residents would communicate over long distance using the Earth-Moon-Earth, aka moon bounce, a radio communications technique developed after World War II. The system relies on the propagation of radio waves from an Earth-based transmitter directed via reflection from the surface of the Moon back to an Earth-based receiver. The residents of the caravan selected this form of long-distance communication because it is not yet privatized and because their personal data doesn't get tracked.


The full model, photographed at the RCA by Core77's Sam Dunne

Jonas writes:

The dream of self-sufficiency and sustainability has become true. Everyone is now able to produce goods, to communicate with anyone without being charged or tracked and to fulfill their basic needs without forgoing modern conveniences.

It is not quite true yet, but it is an ambitious goal, and the technologies are getting better and better every day. It won't be long.

More at Jonas Loh's website. If you want to build your own Cruiser Charisma, all the parts are available on Shapeways, although I suspect you could build it full size for less money.

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