Crime-Ridden Mexico City Neighborhood Goes Green

15agosto_Neza.jpgDespite its location in one of the most crime-ridden zones of Mexico City, the Ampliación Michoacana community is on track to become a prototype for green development in one of the world's largest cities.

The community of 5,900 residents is receiving a cash injection of $2 million (20 million pesos) from Venustiano Carranza borough president Julio César Moreno to build gardens in schools and apartment buildings, install solar panels, and recycle wastes.

"We chose Ampliación Michoacana as a community to foment a culture of respect for the environment because its residents responded more than other communities to the invitation to separate out their trash and because it has seven schools," said Moreno.

Moreno added that he expects that the community as a whole will save about $300,000 (3 million pesos) annually in electricity bills with the help of the solar panels.
::Via Planeta Azul

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