Creative Vertical Garden Built With Dozens Of Hanging Flowerpots In Brazil

Green Wall With Hanging Pots In Brazil Photo

Photos: Rosenbaum.

Building on the great response their awesome vertical garden with recycled plastic bottles received, Brazilian design studio Rosenbaum has come up with another vertical garden for their latest Lar doce lar project (a segment at a popular TV show where they remodel houses of low-income families).

This time they used hanging flowerpots attached to the wall, giving an interesting illusion of them being cut in half.Done in a pretty-self explanatory way, the garden embellishes a leisure outdoor area surrounding a jacuzzi and apparently holds mostly non edible plants.

As mentioned in the previous article about the Lar doce lar series, these green ideas become so much better knowing they're going to improve the lives of people with so little.

Green Wall With Hanging Pots In Brazil Photo

Focused on securing their three children's education, the Castro family had delayed investments in their home and their house was falling apart with dampness and drips. Both parents and their almost 30 year old two sons and daughter lived in the same floor and they didn't have running water.

Besides completely re-doing the home, Rosenbaum and Luciano Huck's TV show did a small second living space for the family's daughter, soon to be married.

Green Wall With Hanging Pots In Brazil Photo

The whole project is worth a look at the studio's website.

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