Creative Recycling: Toronto's Sorauren Park the Day After Halloween

sorauren park pumpkin image

You can't do much with a jack'o lantern after Halloween; some people try to cook the pumpkin but they are really bred for size rather than flavour. In Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood they have a tradition: bring them to Sorauren Park and have a pumpkin party.

Photographer/blogger Joseph writes in BlogTO:

The sheer volume and diversity or pumpkins was incredible and throngs of pedestrians slowly strolled through the glowing orange spheres. Today, almost all of the pumpkins remain - which is amazing, because with them all lined-up like that, it's a smashing-pumpkins fan's dream. I can't tell if they will all be lit up again tonight, but I think I'll return to the park with a few tea lights to revive a few.

See lots more at bigdaddyhame on flickr.

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