Creative Recycling: Fridgehenge

fridgehenge elevation photo

So many inefficient old fridges in America that need replacing, so much empty space that could be filled with monuments. We usually suggest recycling old fridges; artist Adam Jonas Horowitz and the Primordial Soup Company had another idea: Fridgehenge, built in 2003 near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

fridgehenge detail photo

It was built out of more than 100 fridges in the image of Stonehenge and was a popular tourist attraction. A lot of artists are working with garbage and recycling waste into art (see Stuart Haygarth's bottled water chandelier , Piet Hein Eek's scrap wood furniture, or an entire exhibition of it at the new Museum of Art and Design in New York) but never on this scale.

fridgehenge aerial photo

fridgehenge winter photo

Image credit Creative Commons, jarrodlombardo

Unfortunately, wind and vandalism had more effect here than it did on the original. By winter in 2006 it was looking pretty shabby.

fridgehenge evening photo

"Officials from the city of Santa Fe, where the sculpture was, said that it was never supposed to be a permanent fixture and following a number of complaints from neighbours, it was removed.

'It started out as a statement about American consumerism and waste, and then it sort of became waste itself,' Laura Banish, a city spokesperson told the Associated Press."

fridgehenge description photo

Bored Night via NOTCOT

Source of these pictures is the website referenced above; see more on Flickr here
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