Creative Recycling: Bunker to Apt Rms w Vu


What do you do with a bunker like this? Archivolver put a house on it. Of course their site is in stupid flash so I can't translate it. And they have something else going on so I cannot even copy the link to the page. Why do architects do these things?


Another website, Architektur-und Baublog, tells us a little bit more:

The supporting structure of the apartments is based on a system of steel makers, which up to five meters high and cantilevers fields on the load-bearing walls of the bunker distributed. Parts of the new building was prefabricated in wood construction.

It sets on the top strand, and breaks through again from the bottom housing. A large skylight provides natural lighting and spacious interior of the staircase.

Inside the bunker is the building and the ground floor is a gallery planned in the daylight is not absolutely necessary.

The flat roof of the bunker is to the highest quality outside of the penthouse apartment, the roof terrace with elevated Bankirai-lining, into the recessed steel construction and a rooftop garden at nearly 14 meters above sea level show that even in the urban environment of the dream of a family house in the green is possible - with views of the rooftops of the city.

via Archispass

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