Creative Re-use: Turn a Light Bulb into a Terrarium


Incandescent light bulbs will be collectors items soon, no matter what Michele Bachmann thinks. Instead of just throwing the old ones out, perhaps something creative can be done with them. Coincidentally, both Lifehacker and BoingBoing address this problem today; Boingboing with Professor Alexander's Botanical Vasculum - Steamed 300 watt Moss Terrarium, available on etsy at the almost Victorian era price of Fifteen Bucks, mere shillings and pence. [oops-see comments]

lifehacker terrarium lightbulb

Lifehacker points to Instructables for instructions on how to turn your old lightbulbs into terraria or planters, with a side trip to Team Droid for instructions on how to safely disembowel an old incandescent.

lightblubl lamp photo

TreeHugger has been down this path before, with our Six Uses For Old Dead Incandescent Bulbs

castor light bulb boxes

But my favorite is still Castor Canadensis' use of them as simply diffusers for a compact fluorescent.

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