Creating a Greener City, One Rooftop at a Time

green roofs in progress nyc photo

Green roofs growing in New York City. Photos: Eve Mosher

Putting a green roof on a landmark building -- the city hall in Toronto or Chicago, a convention center in Vancouver, San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences -- has long been a highly visible way for cities to gain some green cachet. In New York, though, an artist-run project working to transform what is often a prestige project into something for (and by) the people.Brooklyn artist Eve Mosher, who's created a "green roof module" to make it easier for people to grow their own green roofs, wrote to TreeHugger recently to tell us about the latest element to her Seeding the City project.

Greening the NYC Skyline
Following the model of the work she did with young residents of the Covenant House homeless shelter, Mosher is organizing a series of workshops with local organizations to teach community members the skills needed to build larger green roofs, one module at a time. Each successful project will donate 10 percent of the greenery it has nurtured to start a new green roof somewhere else. She's raising "seed" money for the project on Kickstarter through Nov. 30.

"To make green roofs a part of the everyday urban fabric, we need a network of citizens not to only have green roofs, but to have the knowledge and skills to spread them," Mosher writes on her website. "Each installation is a seed of potential -- potential for community action, potential for more green space, potential for change."

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