Create the Future: Entries to NASA's Design Contest


Electricity-producing roads, a zero-energy home and a smart rainwater collector (the last two are pictured above) are just a few of the cool sustainable designs entered in NASA's Create the Future Design Contest. The contest, which tasks entrants to "Demonstrate your design and engineering skills. Share your best ideas for new products. Compete and win great prizes. Become famous.", rewards the best ideas for new products, and celebrates breakthrough thinking about problems of all kinds, large and small.

The entrant period ended a few weeks back, but there's lots of good stuff to see and do before they select a winner in January 2008, including the competition for the Top Ten Most Visited Entries, which continues through December 31, 2007. There's an entire category for sustainable technology, and some pretty interesting, green entries in the "transportation" category as well. If they can put a man on the moon, they can find the next big sustainable breakthrough; see all the entries here. ::NASA's Create the Future Design Contest via ::Cool Hunting

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