Crazy Cool Cuckoo Clocks Aid Forest Preservation Awareness

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Images via Designboom

Designer Naoto Fukawasa created a beautiful cuckoo clock using timber removed
from over-planted forests. The project was done in conjunction with Isetan, a Japanese department store, and More Trees, an organization that works with forest conservation in Japan and overseas. But the fun didn't stop with just one cuckoo clock. The display consisted of 50 customized interpretations of the clock by 50 different artists and designers from all over Japan. The whimsical and amazing clocks are enough to stop anyone in their tracks.
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The display was part of Designtide at Tokyo Design Week.

cuckoo clocks photo

According to the Designtide site, "With the hope of presenting a product that can help make life more fun and to help regenerate the forest...The clocks were designed by product designer Naoto Fukasawa. Additionally, 50 artists and designers offered their support in customizing the clocks, based on the inspiration they receive from woods. 5% of all sales will be donated for forest preservation."

cuckoo clocks photo

Via Designboom
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