Crafty Lucy Norman Recycles


Lucy Norman's usage of recycled materials is key to her art. She has focused on designing a range of products under the slogan "Rethink, Reuse, Rebook", combining a concern for the environment and the reuse of waste in a way that is both stylish and commercial. Another variation on green and re-cycled chandeliers, this one is made of recycled books which cannot be sold as no-one will buy them. Ordinarily they would have to be land filled which is costly and detrimental to the environment. Instead she created "Light Reading", a quirky (and flame retardant) chandelier made by folding pages of books and hanging them around a ceiling light. The Paperback Partition is also made from unwanted books, and is an aesthetically pleasing room divider, providing good heat and acoustic insulation.

Another one of her works, "CAPtivate" is a round light made out of bottle tops and caps; different coloured caps change the light's colour and pattern. Her garden chair is for people sans garden...under a natural fibre rope chair she places a footrest that is a fibreglass tray covered with soil and grass. This artist has a sense of humour. :: Lucy Norman Via :: Financial Times

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