Craft Meets Computers At Iannone Design (Video)



One of the trends we see at ICFF is the continuing dance between craft and tech, as the computer driven technologies become more affordable. For example, TreeHugger favourite Michael Iannone is standing next to a console that he built out of wheatboard and bamboo, but then photoshopped an image into dots that are translated by a computer controlled drill into 3,500 holes of various depths, creating the image on the face of the unit.

I asked Michael to show us what's new.

We have admired Michael's furniture before because of his careful use of the greenest of materials:

Our furniture uses a variety of materials chosen for their intrinsic beauty and eco-friendly properties. These include FSC plywoods and formaldehyde free plywoods, locally sourced lumber from managed forests and sustainable materials such as bamboo and sorghum borard.

Each piece is finished with a low-VOC waterbased topcoat or an all natural hand applied oil wax finish.


But the use of digital tools makes it a very different and original product. More at Iannone Design.

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