Crackery Tableware: Old China Gets New Life

Crackery Tableware: Refurbished china dishware by Joana Meroz

Unlike, say, your favorite blue jeans, china dishware is not often repairable. Sadly, even if a chip or crack appears, there isn't anything you can do, and with little value on the secondhand circuit, it often goes into the trash.

That is, unless designer Joana Meroz gets her hands on it. The Netherlands-based artist/designer reclaims broken dishes and cups and transforms them into "Crackery Tableware," where, by reglazing each crack and chip, she gives them new life and highlights and even celebrates each cups imperfections. What a nice, refreshing way to think about "broken" items. See more after the jump. ::The Ornamented Life via ::Cool Hunting

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Crackery Tableware: A family of refurbished china dishware by Joana Meroz

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