Cork Furniture and Cardboard Bars by Marina68 (Photos)

marina68 cork furniture

At TreeHugger we like cork, that warm material that can be harvested without chopping down trees, is fully renewable and biodegradable and can be shaped into many funky objects apart from stoppers to keep the wine in the bottles. The designers at studio Marina68 in Barcelona have worked with this local material and created a series of furniture, that embrace craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials. Have a look below for some of our favourites.Rockit

marina68 rockit

Marina68 believe in working with the local industry and in promoting local skills. The Rockit bench for kids, designed to be manufactured locally, is stable and has no sharp edges. According to the designers it is conjuring up a childish image of what a table or bench might be. Moreover, the non-toxic and velvety textured cork makes it a nice object to be touched.

Marina68 rockit sandpaper

We like that Rockit comes with a piece of sandpaper, so that you can easily look after the surface and sand away any stains.

Tupa Stool

marina68 turpa stool

This stool combines the warm, natural cork with cold and colourful metal in a unique and playful way.

Cardboard Bar

Marina68 cardboard bar

Apart from the cork objects, we also like the Cardboard Bar. Probably more decorative than useful, the cardboard stickers represent a typical Spanish bar and its objects. The idea is to export or take home a piece of Spanish culture, where bars and tapas are an important part of people's everyday lives; it is where you meet others.

We hope that fabulous designs like these can help the cork industry to find new business opportunities, now that the wine industry is more and more often opting for the plastic stoppers, and cork oak forests (valuable due to their biodiversity) as well as craftsmanship are in danger of becoming extinct.

For availability of the products,please contact the designers directly. ::Marina68
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