Cork chairs are good looking and sustainable

cork chairs
© Carlos Ortega Design

TreeHugger loves cork and a good chair, so this Spanish seat ticks all the boxes.

Designed by Carlos Ortega Design, from Segovia, Spain, the chair was first spotted at Inhabitat, but was also at the London Design Festival this year.

It's called Corkigami because it was inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding and the idea of making 3D objects from 2D materials.

Making a seat that would hold someone safely was harder than it sounds. The designers explain: "As we started to imagine a seat made entirely out of cork, everyone said it wouldn’t support the body weight: then we realized we had a challenge to work on!"

Cork is a very flexible material, and it is also quite strong. They made the shell structure even stronger by pressing flat four layers of 4mm thick cork using water-based pva glue. Then they cut the shape of the flat material to be able to bend it and glue it again on a simple curved form. The result is a good-looking shell structure that is strong enough to hold the body weight.

The chair sits on an oak frame. Cork is malleable and will mould to the user's body over time. The end product is lightweight, very sustainable and good looking too. The only question left: how do we get one!

Cork chairs are good looking and sustainable
When it comes to chairs, this one's a corker.

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