Core77's 77 Design Gifts Under $77: The 2007 Edition


The good folks over at Core77 have unleashed this year's version of 77 Design Gifts Under $77 (remember last year's?); their unique take on the gift guides that are ubiquitous this time of year is a fun, creative tour of what to get for your design-nerd buddies.

Included in the list is a fair handful of green, from a Zipcar membership,
a donation to microfinancier Kiva, the DVD for "Manufactured Landscapes" and the (free!) pocket guides to eating the right fish.

Of course, there's also the cubicle periscope, a pair of dancing robots and a USB-powered computer music lip-syncing gadget. What are the holidays without a little fun? Check out TreeHugger's version and get ready to smile at ::Core77

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