Core77 Design Contest Winners Tend To Tents

lifetent winner

The results of Core77's One hour design challenge are in, and I am pleased to note that I called it, picking the Lifetent for our earlier post. I was really hoping that none of the many container versions would make it into the finals; as Cameron Sinclair noted three years ago in ICON:

"Every designer in design school wants to do these sorts of projects, and there's no benchmark of what's a success and what's a failure. Everybody says, 'OK, I'm going to do refugee housing. Aha, let's use shipping containers!' That's been done every year ad infinitum and it's just awful. The thing with shipping containers is that they get to about 140º and people die in them."

core77 design competition entry image backpack house

Cameron Sinclair noted about this competition:

"The backpack ideas are the most interesting to explore, as essentially you are looking for a 'better tent' that can be deployed in different places over time. Anything airdropped is like a bad scene from Spies Like Us--one wrong drop and your housing solution could end up destroying more homes." Cameron added, "The cost of an airdrop is the same as two maintained trucks with drivers, both supplied with a year's worth of gas. As for the communal solutions, we need to be aware of the issues of water-borne diseases; close proximity can contribute to the spread of potential epidemics."

core77 design competition entry image popout

Cameron appears to have been an influence on the judging, for most of the notables are light, portable and temporary, while plans are made for appropriate and permanent solutions. See Architecture For Humanity's Plan for Reconstruction.

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