Copy this Post: Museum Plagiarius


Architects: Reinhard Angelis, Planung Architektur Gestaltung Photographers: ©Tomas Riehle / artur

We so want to copy this wonderful idea: A museum in a converted railway building, devoted to plagiarism and knockoffs, that opened on April 1. (We first thought it an elaborate hoax) Since 1977 the Plagiarius gnome has been awarded the best plagiarized object of the year; this year to a coffee jug produced in Germany by Alfi and knocked off by a Guangzhou China company with a leaky jug named Albi. Second prize was a German knockoff of an Italian Moleskine notebook. We don't know who gets the gnome, the plagiarizer or plagiarizee.

They admit that "there is no progress and development without referring to already existing patterns, ideas and rules. However what counts is the willingness to develop the existing and give it an individual and distinctive style. The imitators pursue one goal only: to profit at the expense of the hard work of others – and this affects the creatives and the consumers likewise."

We would like to see an online version soon! ::Plagiarius via ::Yanko