Cool Yule Tree Baubles

It's a dilemma--the irresistible urge to buy christmas tree ornaments and knowing that it's the year for a green, environmental christmas celebration... Here's the answer: do both! Start with the stringing of the cranberries, interspersed with popcorn--always so pretty. Edible, home-made ginger bread men are a yummy touch. Pinecones look lovely. Then take a look at the range of recycled ornaments available. The bells and stars pictured are made from recycled circuit boards, cut into festive shapes, such as trees and snowmen. Recycled tin hanging shepherds look distinctive. Or recycled CD's hanging from the tree, in tree or bell shapes, reflect the light. Hand-made baubles from Oxfam look good and help communities to survive. For the lights--LED bulbs are brighter, smaller, longer lasting and use 88% less energy than traditional lights. Plus they don't get hot to the touch. Or, a string of solar-powered crystal balls, in red, white or blue. Enough? Then sit back and enjoy it, with some Fairtrade cocoa.

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