Cool Office Stuff from Remarkable


Enough of this boring beige recycled office supply crap-give us something that is fun and stylish. One company that does is Remarkable. Their philosophy " is to create recycled items that are well-designed, great quality and a joy to own." So they have a Pink Punk Metal line "that’s hot with teenage girls, 25 year old girls, 35 year old girls and their mothers… And we’re not colour-gender oriented so we think there’s probably some boys out there who can’t help liking the Punk Metal range too." Other lines are covered in rubber from tires and the Sergeant Major line is in trendy earth tones. We like their style and their attitude-" In brief, we don’t want people to think that recycling is dull. It can actually be very cool" Pens are made from computer printers, mouse pads come from tires and rulers from polystyrene packaging. ::Remarkable via ::Time Out