Cool Green Job Watch: Green Renovations

greeninghomes sign photo

What a great sign, what great marketing; laying out for all to see what you are doing inside. It is another entry in our Light at the End of the Tunnel Dept: the kind of business that gets people working on sustainable, valuable jobs. Nobody puts up signs saying "installing a granite counter and subzero fridge" but they do when the work is something to be proud of and can make a difference. It is the handiwork of Greening Homes in Toronto.

greeninghomes website image

Their website has none of the punch of their site sign, but we learn that Principal Chris Phillips is a graduate of the Fleming College Sustainable Building Program that we have covered on TreeHugger before (see Fleming College's 2006 Sustainable Building) They define sustainable renovation:

• Result in a healthy, non-toxic living environment
• Be informed by ecological and holistic designs
• Be energy efficient and promote energy conservation
• Use sustainable building materials
• Practice responsible waste management
• Be long-lasting and beautiful

Can't disagree with that list, although I sometimes worry about the phrase "holistic" design. I look forward to seeing some finished work from Greening Homes
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