COOL BUT UGLY: Biodegradable Scattering Urn

floral scatter.jpg
We won’t go into all the icky details of why cremation is a more eco-friendly choice than traditional burial (we might later though), and we certainly don’t mean to suggest that we begrudge anyone a traditional grieving process. But the truth is that the chemicals, materials, and sheer space used up by the funerary industry are counter-productive to a greener future, although some companies are indeed leading the way in highly advanced and innovative organic burials. But as cremation becomes a more popular choice, the range of products surrounding it is also changing... Take for example, the Reflections series of biodegradable scattering urns from the Batesville casket company, which are made from unbleached pressed cotton. (If only it were organic!) When you throw them into water, they float for a few minutes, before descending; they eventually biodegrade without harming the habitat. We realize that these aren’t quite there yet when it comes to modern design, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. ::Batesville [by MO]