Cool Adaptable Table From Reclaimed & Local Wood by Arqom

Multi Purpose Table from Reclaimed Local Wood by Arqom Photo

Photos: Courtesy of Arqom.

Argentine design firm Arqom (whose furniture with reclaimed and local wood was previously featured at TreeHugger) has come up with a new, neat product. The Gran Chaco articulated table gathers and combines discs of wood from different sizes to create surfaces that meet your current needs. More pics inside.

Multi Purpose Table from Reclaimed Local Wood by Arqom Photo

The discs are connected through aluminum or acrylic pieces that allow a hinge movement, which allows you to adapt the table. Very useful if you move apartments a lot or have fluctuating amounts of people at your place (even though the minimum size of the table with a few discs is still large for a small space, you can also disassemble it and use just one).

It's built with reclaimed wood collected from the Chaco region of Argentina, a rich province with one of the largest forests in the region (Arqom works with discarded pieces of this material coming from forests and sawmills).

Multi Purpose Table from Reclaimed Local Wood by Arqom Photo

Do we really like to say why we like adaptable and multi-purpose objects? You don't need to replace them every time you move, they can refresh your home without the need for new stuff, and (usually) they reflect how materials can be used efficiently.

For more on the table and Arqom visit their website.

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