Convention of Convention Planners Goes Zero-Waste


The Meeting Strategies Worldwide Conference, the annual confab of convention planners, is meeting in Toronto. Normally a meeting this size would generate 90,000 cans or bottles, 75,000 cups, 87,500 napkins and 62,500 plates. Local recycler Turtle Island is separating and recycling everything. The challenge is reducing waste at events that often feature elaborate snack spreads, disposable dinnerware and stacks of pamphlets and brochures. "It's the nature of these events that people have to leave a lot of crap," [Convention Centre President] Mr. Smith said, "but we're trying to change that culture." At the zero-waste convention, organizers are using plastic cups and plates instead of foam, which is more difficult to recycle. All garbage containers are divided into three sections: paper/plastic; food; and bottle/can. Not all convention-goers get the message. Many of the food receptacles yesterday were filled with discarded plates and cups, creating a hassle for recyclers. "Those recycling things are there for a reason," said Turtle Island waste-control supervisor Roni Baker, "but some people will just never listen." ::Globe and Mail

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