Controversial NYC Mosque Seeks LEED-Certification

Caption: Protesters disrupt a Community Board meeting to voice their disapproval of Park51. Image credit: Islamophobia Watch

The controversial mosque being built near NYC's Ground Zero may have angered some, but an announcement that the facility will be the "first certified green mosque in the country" is nevertheless an encouraging sign of a new wave of environmental awareness in the Islamic community. Like connecting Ramadan to sustainable lifestyle choices, or using the Islamic faith to inspire stewardship of our oceans, the concept of Creation Care is clearly not confined to Christianity. Writing over at The Daily Beast, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin—author of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches Us About Protecting the Planet—announces that the new Islamic Center, called Park 51, will be a space to highlight the connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism.

Details are still thin on the ground, but Abdul-Matin says that the project will be aiming to be the first mosque in the country to achieve LEED-certification—although no word is given on what level of certification the project is going for.

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