Context Shop: Neat Things with Magnets


When we first saw the little magnets and flower stands in the Context Shop booth, we were amused by the products and impressed with the clever display and packaging design. When we looked more closely we realised that the entire display was made out of corepast (cheap plastic sign material) and that virtually the entire booth folded up to carryon-luggage size, as did the product. "It is expensive to get here from Vancouver" said the exhibitor.


It all comes from Zoran Princevic, who was trained in engineering and fine art. "Since I couldn't put one before the other, I decided to do them both, at the same time." He makes most of the "minimal and quirky" designs himself in his workshop.


His take on the choice of materials:
"Now we have polymers, industrial by-products and semi-products, things that we take for granted. I think that if used properly, the new materials can minimize our dependence on destroying other species in order to survive. Trees, for instance. So I decided to explore the huge group of materials we usually call 'plastics'. "Embrace my plasticity", some would say In the process I found several types that are environmentally friendly and safe to work with, and use in the kind of products I make.

::Constructive found at ::One of a Kind