Contemporary, Compact Dining Room Furniture

Compact bulb table and chairs photo

Bulb: A Space-Saving Dining Table Concept by Marta Antoszkiewicz

No, it's not invasion of the pod people, despite appearances otherwise. Like the amazing Casulo, which hides an entire room's worth of furniture in a single box, this bulbous concept is actually a table and four chairs. When not in use, the chairs obscure the table, making it not only a brilliant space saver (and using less space is greener than using more) but just dang cool.

Designed by Marta Antoszkiewicz, who also brought us the IKEA-esque "Kitchenette" dining table with a similar space-efficient design, dreamed this playful concept up for kids, though it'd make a fun conversation piece and interesting dining experience just about anywhere. More on Space Saving Dining Room Table and Chairs::Marta Antoszkiewicz via ::The Design Blog

Compact bulb table and chairs photo unfolding

Compact bulb table and chairs one chair down photo

Space-saving modern bulb table and chairs photo

Space-saving bulb table and chairs from above photo

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