Constructive: Design Encouraging Debate About Sustainability


Swedish designers Form Us With Love (who first appeared on TreeHugger with their cool flat pack office accessories) recently held an exhibition at Stockholm Design Week that explored sustainability. Called "Constructive," the exhibition featured six designs that approached sustainability through materials, manufacturing, and smart, efficient design.

Above (on the left) are the "Duplicate" tables, which uses the same form and materials (extendable base, plywood top) to create a variety of table sizes, reducing the number of necessary steps in the production process. "Button," (above, right) is a chair upholstered in cast-off textile scraps; hit the jump for the details on the other four designs in the designers' own words. ::Form Us With Love via ::dezeen


Construction room divider:
"Bamboo is nature’s own mass production. New shoots can grow over one meter per day. The material is both lighter and stronger than traditional ones and its cultivation is environmentally friendly. Traditionally used for construction. We chose to use it as a room divider, adding a moulded connection joint."


Night stick floor lamp:
"Interactive sculptural floor lamp that magnetically connects LED-fitted tubes. The user decides the size of the lamp by adding or subtracting segments."


Work lamp:
"One lamp to rule them all. We think that the traditional construction lamp is a brilliant thing. You can hang it, put it on a shelf or on the floor. You can drop it and treat it rough and it uses a minimum of material for a maximum number of functions. It deserved a better appearance."


Prosthes hanger:
"In medicine, a prosthesis is an artificial extension that replaces a missing body part. In this hanger, the prosthesis are what you have at home, may it be a hockey stick, a broom or a spare branch."

We love that designers are thinking this way about design; there is a better, greener way to do everything, and, while "Constructive" may not have devised the greenest way to upholster a chair, or create a lamp, they're thinking about sustainability from a variety of perspectives. Being green isn't just about using greener materials, or using more efficient manufacturing practices; it's about approaching everything from a green perspective and embracing it as a lifestyle. And the more designers that realize this, the better. ::Form Us With Love via ::dezeen

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