Confessions of an Empty-Nester

Sabra Davis is no Adam Gopnik when she writes about living in the City, but this real estate type from nicely describes the change from always owning The House to living in a small condo. This was a big transformation; 3,000 SF to a third as much space and dumping all three cars.

"We realize now that the cocoons of our cars kept us well insulated from the people around us. Our genuine interactions were with family and coworkers, the only people who saw us stripped of the metal that clothed and protected us. Our neighbors, we discovered, were virtually strangers."

They are not entirely TreeHugger correct, but they are supporting a local industry by eating out 85% of the time, "but after shifting our grocery and auto budgets over to the dining budget, we are still ahead financially." A nice tale about the benefits of living in the city. ::Zillow Blog via ::Kottke

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