Concrete Canvas Shelters


Blaine at Transmaterials shows Concrete Canvas Shelters: "a rapidly deployable hardened shelter that requires only water and air for erection. It can be deployed by two people without any training in approximately thirty minutes and is ready to use in twelve hours. Invented by Peter Brewin (same person?) and William Crawford, the shelter consists of a cement-impregnated fabric (Concrete Cloth) bonded to the outer surface of an inflatable plastic inner structure." They note that it is better than tents: "CCS enables a hardened structure from day one of a crisis. It provides much better environmental protection, increased security and vastly improved medical capability. Crucially, CCS can be earth bermed to protect against small arms and shrapnel." It has won piles of awards yet we seem to have missed it.

One of Cameron Sinclair's rules is "Don't ship", noting that transport and distribution is often expensive and difficult, and that it is better to locally source and build. He also notes that concreted domes can turn into pizza ovens, it is so hot inside. However this is such an elegant solution- just blow it up and wait til it sets. ::Concrete Canvas via ::Transmaterials

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