Concepts We Want Made: Yuko Taguchi's Wind-Up Lamp


For people who like to do a little reading in bed (and might fall asleep with the light on from time to time) comes this cool concept from designer Yuko Taguchi. The "Wind-Up Lamp" is just that: crank the key around to generate power for the lamp and start the timer; when the power is used up and the timer goes off, so does the lamp, leaving you to a peaceful (energy-efficient!) slumber.

Hit the jump for the designers' statement and another pic of the lamp in action. This concept really should get made. ::Yuko Taguchi via ::Red Ferret


"This is for people who can’t sleep without the light. Also, people who read in the bed sometimes forget to turn off the light. The key functions as a switch and a timer. Wind-up to turn the light on before you go to bed. The light will stay on until the key winds back. You will come to know how many times you need to wind-up. Its main source of power comes from its powerful spring-driven generator. As the high carbon tensile steel spring unwinds, power is transferred to a small dynamo electric generator which produces enough electricity to power of the light."

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