Concepts We Want Made: InSight, InMind Personal Water Meter


As other gadgets we've featured have helped to show, it's a lot easier to conserve when you know how much you're already using; this is the idea behind the InSight, InMind personal water meter. Like a Home Joule or PowerCost home energy monitor for water, this killer concept by Adam Kereliuk tracks your daily water usage throughout your house; at the end of the month, it's easy to see how much you've conserved/wasted.

The real-time monitoring capability of such a device is what gives something like this an advantage over just carefully reading your water bill every month (and would be especially handy for apartment dwellers who don't see their water bills); presumably, you could get out of the shower, read the meter and go, "Holy cow, I just used 25 gallons of water! Damn!" Let's see this concept get made! ::Ubergizmo via ::Apartment Therapy: Green