Compact Forest Dwelling In "Les Maisons Sylvestres" by Matali Crasset

Photo: Lucas Fréchin

From treehouses to micro-houses, we're well aware of the simple pleasures of living on a smaller ecological footprint -- especially out in beautiful sylvan surroundings like Le Vent des Forêts in the Meuse region of France. In creating idyllic dwellings for a 5,000 hectare forest overseen by six villages, which hosts artists for summer residencies as well as showcasing contemporary art along a 45-kilometer footpath through the woods, French designer Matali Crasset designed what she calls "Maison Sylvestres" or "feral houses" -- compact, self-containing and lightweight houses that can be moved around without disturbing the forest.

According to Designboom, a series of modular forest dwellings were created by Crasset to act like "ecological hotel rooms" for the artists who stay during their residencies. Says Crasset:

These lightweight structures are foundation-free and can be moved around the forest without harming nature or upsetting the ecosystem.

Each house is built around a different theme and christened with names like 'Chrysalide', 'Brocard', 'Champignon' and 'Nichoir'. Blending the inside with the outside, they feature terraces, central rooms, porch swings and folding elements, allowing inhabitants to interact fluidly with their living space, embedded in the landscape.

matalicrasset noisette

matalicrasset noisette02
Images: Matali Crasset

Made out of materials such as acaia, Douglas fir, galvanized steel, the pods also feature wood stoves, gas lights, compost toilets and exterior water facilities. The frames of the houses are also transformable, and can be arranged in various configurations to suit different lifestyles and natural contexts.

More over at Designboom here and here.

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