Community Cookbook by Robert Archard


Images from Robert Archard

The Community Cookbook is a lovely project which is designed to bring communities together through food. Throughout the ages women have created cookbooks out of a collection of family, friends, or country or ethnic recipes. This one, initiated by Robert Archard, is housed in local libraries, encouraging people to contribute and share their favourite recipes. Or photocopy a recipe that looks yummy.

Unpackaged, a favourite local food store, is creating their own, asking customers to write out their favourite recipes adding any personal memories, to make a community resource. Robert Archard has some other interesting projects, using recycled tins and stamps, that he has created. More after the fold....


Archard has created a gift tag stamp. So instead of buying those finicky little tags that you have to tie on, and always get tangled and look can just stamp onto the wrapping paper and fill it in. So simple and economical and neat looking.


Then there are the recycled cookie and candy tins which he gives a new lease of life. The original paint is removed by sand-blasting or stripping, leaving a stencilled area behind. Then he buffs them up and paints on them and they become a whole new creation.

We loved his ceramic cookies. So dietetic and they open up to be little keepsake boxes. He makes them out of slip-cast white earthenware and paints them to look like your favourite tea biscuits. Perfect for earrings, rings or for saving your child's baby teeth.


The wine box units are ingenious. Using old solid wooden wine crates, he makes a chest of drawers for them to be stacked up. The individual crates can be removed and carried around or they can be used as a chest for clothing.

Archard works on a range of projects, but nearly everything he does has a social, environmental or conceptual focus. His designs are always intelligent and have a sense of humour.