"Common of Houses" Competition Results Could Actually Work


Bob: "a self contained modular floating pod with easily maintained amenities suitable for one or more night's accommodation.

There has been a big political scandal in the UK, as Members of Parliament get caught charging the government for two houses, often pocketing money that they didn't deserve. The brief explains the problem:

‘Instead of each MP having to go out and buy two homes, one in London for their Westminster duties and one in their Constituency for their day to day work we could remove the whole problem with the State providing them with accommodation – no second home allowance required, no temptation to purchase duck islands, instead its all owned by us and the MP’s can just simply get on with their jobs, everyone’s a winner.’

The winner was interesting, but some of the runners-up were fascinating and perhaps good solutions for housing in London, real green options for eliminating a lot of travel and the upkeep of two homes.


The Commons Bridge: A form derived frm the past, present and future architectural elements of London.

A giant snakes and ladders game, where you move up or down according to status.

My Favourite: 2nd Runner Up: Ministers Mole Hole by Sarah Siena Edwards:

‘With the costs of creating a whole unit of accommodation for all 644 MP’s in central London being so high, I thought it would be a good idea to look for unused sites that have potential for such an application. Having heard about the Kingsway Telephone Exchange under London, I thought it would be the perfect solution to such a competition. Having its own supply of water and electricity, and being at a steady 20 degrees, it already has the ability to sustain a large community of hungry cold MP’s.

Kingsway Telephone Exchange has entrances directly onto the platforms at CHancery Lane Station, and has entrances onto the streets above, making it well placed to allow the MP’s to commute to work on the tube, and to have access to central London in walking distance. Each bedroom will house two MP’s, because they already have their own constituency home. Share and share alike.’

See them all at Archicentral

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