Come Up to My Room: Bruno Billio, House Jockey


installation at Come up to my room

So many people just go out and buy new stuff when they get tired of the things they live with, instead of looking at their belongings with a fresh eye. Thats why we love Bruno Billio, the House Jockey. He 'takes your home's existing furniture and accessories and re-arranges them to create a more functional, balanced and harmonious space." You never read all those books, why not turn them into monuments, sculptures and furniture? One client's testamonial: "The ease with which he was able to create a new and airy space from our crowed environment was quite astounding (and fun to watch)". No new stuff, just a dramatic re-arrangement."Whether you're presenting your home to potential buyers, preparing to entertain guests, or simply need a refreshing change, this service is fast and easy with immediate results."


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