Combo Tennis Court and "Disaster Management Park Beans Dome"

tennis dome and emergency photo

Yes, that is really what it is called, just makes you want to come and play a game of tennis, doesn't it? But that is what it is used for most of the time. Tennis domes can be pretty ugly; Japanese architect Shuhei Endo solves the problem by covering much of it with green walls. The 16,168 square meter structure is in Miki City on the Hyogo Prefecture, about 30 kilometers west of Kobe. and was completed in 2007. It is actually a combination tennis court and disaster center, built in response to the big Kobe earthquake in 1995.

tennis dome photo

Also on the site is an earthquake simulator and a fire department training center.


According to Architectural Record, "In the event of an earthquake or typhoon, supply trucks can drive directly into the 174,000-square-foot building, thanks to movable glass panels at four locations around the perimeter. But on normal days, athletes enter primarily through a domed foyer on the building's east side. Shaped like a giant tennis ball embedded in the earth and clad with eye-popping yellow tiles, the way in is impossible to miss."


"Square buildings are too strong," explains Endo. "Rounded, curved forms are more continuous and blend in better with nature." ::Architectural Record
, ::Shuhei Endo,
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