Columbo Kitchen Re-issued


In 1963 designer Joe Columbo imagined a minikitchen with almost all of the functions of a full kitchen in half a cubic metre: two burner stove, fridge, storage, cutlery drawers, chopping board and pull-out worktop, everything but the kitchen sink. Designed to serve up to six people, all on wheels with just an electrical hookup. Now Boffi as updated and re-issued it in Corian. We have no idea of the cost, but what a lot of stuff in a unit 40" x 40" by 26".

Boffi says "A manifesto piece which in spite of the ingenuousness of forecasts about miniaturization (an error curiously antithetical to that of the genius of Kubrick in 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968, which analogously fell down on the unforeseen miniaturization of computers and interfaces, portrayed as being enormous) was capable of setting out an avenue of design that was perhaps not wholly frequented." Original unit below the fold. ::Boffi found in Metropolitan Home

Tags: Italy | Less Is More


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