Cold Bus Commuters Warm Up in Hot Breakfast Ad

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Ads are everywhere in the big city. How many of them give you a warm feeling inside and out? This inventive ad at a bus shelter in Minneapolis is selling hot breakfast sandwiches from Caribou Coffee. The ad makes the bus shelter look like an toasty oven. And it includes a real heater to warm commuters in the cold of a Minnesota winter (average temp of 10 degrees Fahrenheit). The hot-coil Caribou Coffee creation is from ad agency Colle + McVoy. An "excellent campaign that perfectly complements their new 'Hot 'n Wholesome' menu," raves

Ad Rants adds, "We think the work does a wonderful job conveying that warm feeling one gets when they have their favorite breakfast food and a cup of steaming coffee."

It's a clever idea. A good way to keep warm while waiting for the bus. A way for advertising to serve a dual purpose. Make that a triple purpose, since the ad revenue must help with keeping up the bus service.

What other ideas are there for promoting commuter transportation? There's room for improvement here. Maybe we could attach some doors to this ad to keep the heat in, and use alternative energy (solar?) to provide some of the power? That's assuming this ad uses traditional coal-fired electric.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul bus system, Metro Transit, has about 75 hybrid electric buses as part of its fleet. The region's second light-rail line is due to be up and running around 2014. That's plenty of other opportunities for warm commuter advertising.

The ad agency, Colle+McVoy, also was behind a campaign for People for Bikes, to push for federal investments in bicycle infrastructure.

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