Cohousing for Gen X and Y


Eastern Village, Silver Spring

TreeHugger loves cohousing, "a way for a group of people to work together to develop places to live that offer both privacy and community" and thought it particularly appropriate for aging boomers.

However Trendcentral notes that it is resonating with Gen Xers and Ys "who are starting families, searching for community and looking to pool resources. NY residents interested in becoming a part of such a community can join the recently formed Brooklyn Cohousing Group which is hoping to create a housing complex in the kid-friendly Park Slope area."

The Brooklyn Cohousing group says "Our vision is to create an oasis of community amid the swirling intensity of New York City, and an antidote to the isolation and impersonality of contemporary life....The building(s) will be designed to facilitate community life while at the same time protecting people's ability to opt for privacy or sociability as desired. This will be the kind of place where neighbors help each other out, where daily life is easier and more satisfying than it would be otherwise – a supportive home environment for people engaged with the city at large."

Going into cohousing is not like buying a condo- you have to contribute and participate. But what a wonderful idea- building a community of people working and living together in the middle of the city. ::trendcentral