Cohda Designs' Live Factory: Plastic Becomes Design Before Your Eyes


The guys at Cohda (remember their awesome RD4 chair?) have always had a pretty unique vision of what "recycled" means; this is clear when you look at the designs they create from materials that are usually destined to be milk bottles, or are former plastic bags. It's a great example of upcycling, as they create products that are truly useful and really cool.

As part of the Design Councils dott07 Festival (that's "design of the times" -- something we mentioned here), they recently held a "Live Factory," where the public was invited to watch this unique version of recycling in action. Visitors brought recyclable plastic with them, and it was turned into chairs, lighting and other pieces right before their eyes; now that's what we call recycling. A few lucky winners even got to take the old plastic/new designs home with them at the end of the show. Hit the jump to see more pics of the factory in full production mode, and click on over to their site for more info and details, including time-lapse movies of the show. ::Cohda


What an interesting process: "birthing" the chair, the early stages...


...wrapping it up...


...and the finished products.


The lucky winner of the blue "Standing Geo light"...


...and a striking orange RD4 chair.

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