The Coffeeboxx: Wretched excess or clever design?

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We at TreeHugger are pretty much universally opposed to the pod people and their attempts to take over the coffee world. Then there is the Coffeeboxx, a K-cup compatible coffee maker designed for tough environments; originally designed for construction trades, you could also use it to hold up a beam. Or for that matter, a jeep; it can hold 1500 pounds. As they note on site,

Wherever hardworking people need Beyond Rugged™ products, we’ll be there. From job sites to riding shotgun for long hauls. From corn fields to deer camps. No matter how harsh or how intense the environment, we’ll figure out a way to make sure that the people who build the future have what they need to bring it every day.

In the video it does get tossed around a lot, even blown up; it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. We are big on durability and tools that last, and they do promise that.

On the other hand, it requires disposable coffee pods, no doubt left behind in the construction debris bin. "It’s safe to say that this single-cup brewer can go anywhere you dare to venture" – as long as you have a long enough extension cord and outlet, which is hard to find in corn fields and deer camps. Oh wait: they have an optional matching power inverter, so that you can now have diesel powered coffee from the plug on your F150.

In an interview at Food and Wine, OXX founder Jim Doan explains his motives behind this:

Looking at the new construction around our neighborhood, I started noticing beaten-up coffee makers on job sites everywhere. They were usually filthy and looked really out of place. It made sense, though: Who has more need for hot coffee? But these guys didn’t have anything that was designed for them, and I knew I could... I knew if I could make it tough enough for them, then the campers, hunters, boaters, RVers, tailgaters and other outdoor enthusiasts would know it’s tough enough for them, too.

But it is still going to be filthy; even the photo at the top shows it covered in mud. It's expensive, at $229. And what ever happened to a big thermos?

tire on cofeebooxx© Coffeeboxx with tire on top

I am torn. I rant about pod coffee but have also been on construction sites where the coffee is nonexistent or awful. And it is built the way we say things should be built. As for any kind of camping, it just seems too much. What do you think?

The Coffeeboxx: Wretched excess or clever design?
We hate pods, but love durability. Is there a place for this?

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