Coca-Cola To Spend $3 Million For Green Upgrades


Recently Coca-Cola announced that it will spend $3 million to perform green upgrades to its headquarters in Atlanta. Coke intends to cut energy use in the building by 23%, and cut water consumption by 15%. To achieve this goal the company will install energy-efficient lights and air-conditioning equipment, and also harvest rainwater. Coke will save more than $1 million in annual operating costs, so the investment payback will be quick. Coke expects that the entire overhaul will be complete within the next eighteen months and help eliminate 10,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, as well as save over $1 million in annual operating costs. Coke is just one example of the many large corporation that have been retrofitting their offices and factories to make them greener. While some of the upgrades are modest, it is a sign that green building concepts are becoming more mainstream. See also this previous post: Coca-Cola is Going Green. :: Via greenbuildingsnyc