Coat Hangers and Bike Parts Make Elegant Hanging Light Fixtures

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Images: Organelle Design
They call them Hangeliers. In East Vancouver, designers Alex Witko and Courtney Hunt spend their days between the hardware store, the studio, and the city's alleys and dumpsters. Their little firm, Organelle Design, has generated everything from furniture to a customizably insulated window prototype, but their most eye-catching creations are hanging lamps made from coat hangers-. Don't worry, they've got both kinds: wooden and plastic. Built around the rims of bicycle wheels and cast-off chainrings, their lighting designs are held together mostly with zipties, some with chicken wire. "Our work starts with a simple premise," the young Canadians write," waste is the most abundant local resource our cities have to offer."
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Brought to our radar by the sharp eye of Core77, Organelle Design works with furniture, architectural spaces, and artistic installations, all pivoting around this notion of using waste as fodder for useful beauty (I'm sure they often repeat the Cradle to Cradle mantra: Waste=Food). It does seem that the world has been most intrigued the hangeliers, the wooden and plastic versions of which can be bought via Etsy and Supermarket for around $300 (at the moment it's up to you to furnish a compact fluorescent bulb or LED).

hangelier plastic light fixture photo

Hangeliers conjure to mind some other lighting designs that draw on the abundant flow of waste material: Amsterdam-based designer Anke Weiss's "Packaging Lights," and these glowing light objects made from obviated cassette tapes. Both designs emit the same elegant ethic of transforming the cast-off into functional beauty.

hangelier wood light fixture coat hanger photo

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hangelier coat hanger light fixture photo

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