CNC Adjustable Rocking Chair Let's You Choose How to Rock


Designer Hongtao Zhou just wants to know one thing: "How do you like to rock?" Thanks to the efficiency of his chosen manufacturing method -- a computer numerically-controlled (CNC) router, which creates (theoretically -- unless you feed it fuzzy facts) perfect cuts every time -- and his smart design, this slick rocking prototype quickly and easily adjusts seat height and "angle of rock" to your rocking preference.

A Ph.D Candidate in Furniture Design and Manufacturing in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University, Zhou has done his homework on this prototype; it consists of just six pieces that slide together without adhesives, so you can easily match your rocking style to your mood. Hit the jump to see a handful of rocking adjustments, and cross your fingers that this smart chair will hit mass production soon. ::Hongtao Zhou @ Coroflot via ::Yanko Design

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