Closet House: Big Moving Closet Wall Changes Spaces

Image credit Amândio Neto

It's not exactly Gary Chang's domestic transformer four minutes of wow, but this Portuguese apartment has a giant moving closet that separates the living area from the sleeping, and much like the winner in the LifeEdited competition, it moves according to the needs of the moment.

Closet House from ArchDaily on Vimeo.

Designed by Contexto, it squeezes everything into 44 square meters, about 450 square feet, and was the interior of the year at Archdaily. The designers write:

The Closet house rises from the need to transform 44m2 in a house thoroughly useful and livable. Has five spaces, two of them completely flexible and transformable by result of a displacement of a cabinet/wall, in wood with natural finish, that grants spaces from the living and room areas different sizes and uses.Likewise, all the associated automation technology makes possible that joint space, framed in various activities and daily routines. On one hand, the cabinet/wall serves as bedroom wardrobe, on the other side rises an extendable dining table, a mini bar and an integrated home cinema.

Given the amount of media equipment and automation, it is hard to call this green; if the power went out one probably couldn't get a dish out of the motorized kitchen cabinet. But I love the dining table; there are some interesting ideas for small spaces.

Found on the Tiny Life
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