Clinton Foundation & USGBC Unveil "Climate Positive" Cities Initiative

The Clinton Climate Initiative, which works with 40 of the world's biggest cities to reduce greenhouse emissions, is expanding. The Initiative announced last month that it would support some 16 large-scale, carbon-neutral urban developments, scattered across six continents. Working in partnership with the US Green Building Council, local governments and property developers, when built these developments will house approximately one million people in "Climate Positive" communities. The new projects move beyond retrofitting individual buildings to design entire communities for sustainability. Said former President Clinton:

“The Climate Positive Development Program will set a new global standard for developments that will minimize environmental impacts and benefit economies as we build and rebuild homes, schools, and businesses."

The various projects will all be high-density, mixed-use and transit accessible developments, and will utilize the USGBC's LEED standards for green buildings. Clean energy, water and waste management and efficient lighting systems will also be integrated.

The developments are in different stages of execution, and some, like Treasure Island in San Francisco and London's Elephant & Castle, are not new. The other projects will be built in Melbourne, Stockholm, Panama City, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Seoul, Ahmedabad and Jaipur in India, Toronto and Victoria in Canda and Palhoça, Brazil.

Stay tuned for updates as TreeHugger follows this project's progress...

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Via Green Inc.

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