Clevr: Verte Modular Dish Drainer Grows Up, Not Out


Designed to adapt to the requirements of the user, VerteDRAIN is a clever dish-draining system that's perfect for getting the most function from the least space. Featuring a handful of movable parts, the system can be reconfigured each time you do the dishes to match whatever you have drip-drying, from wine glasses and plates to pots and pans.

We're especially fond of the green tower, which can hold a combination of plates, glasses, stemware, and, we assume, most anything you stick in there; like a good city, goes up rather than out to get the most from the smallest possible footprint. Verte also features a removable flatware dryer and a handful of pegs good for propping up bigger pots and helping the drainer elevate your dishes, to get optimum use from the surface area. Hit the jump to see what Verte looks like in real life. ::Sarah Brayshaw at Coroflot via ::Yanko Design


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