Clevr: The Plumen Project, Bringing the Sexy Back to CFLs


Designed as a reaction to the lack of real diversity, imagination and personality offered by the current market, the UK-based Plumen Project has dreamed up an artful alternative to the traditional compact fluorescent lightbulb configurations. They note, "It seems strange that the bulb, an object so synonymous with ideas, is almost entirely absent of imagination. The bulb's heritage as a utilitarian, money saving device has seen it placed in store rooms, cold corridors, out-houses and prisons. These associations of context also help to quash any desire we may have had for their presence in our more comfortable, considered and intimate spaces."

The goal of the project: to make CFLs sexy, something that people might consider buying because they really like the way it looks, in addition to the $30 and thousands of watt-hours it will save them. It's no longer a moral obligation; the choice can now be an aesthetic one. How clever. More pics, including four more design ideas for the bulbs, below the fold. ::The Plumen Project via ::Designspotter



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