Clevr: The Last Tea "Bag" You'll Ever Use


Reminscent of the Teastick (no spaces), the Tea Stick is a clever spring-loaded gadget perfect for brewing up a cup of tea without the muss and fuss of a pesky tea bag.

Many tea aficionados will tell you that loose-leaf tea is the only way to go when brewing yourself; now you can do it in spring-loaded style and never have to bother with the waste of individually-wrapped tea bags. Sure, each tea bag doesn't contribute a huge amount of trash to the waste stream, but why do it if you don't have to?

We aren't the only ones who liked the looks of this; it's available here but is on backorder until next week. Check in with our How to Green Your Coffee & Tea for more green tips before you sip. ::Chiasso via ::Gizmodo

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